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A business law attorney can help with business contracts, transactions, and litigation. Our business law attorneys service Portland, OR, & Beaverton, OR, areas for business formation including entity selection, owner-investor agreements, and all other startup issues.

Establishing the foundation of a business enterprise including deciding what business structure will meet your immediate and long-term needs are crucial and can be complicated. Our experienced business attorneys at Troutman Law Firm PC can ease some of the stress and confusion by assisting in entity selection and operating agreements.

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We can help you choose from your options with advice based on experience and focused on the realities of your situation and your long-range objectives.

Most startups will take one of the following forms:

  • S corporation

  • C corporation

  • Limited liability company (LLC)

  • Limited or general partnership

Corporate governance. We offer counsel on corporate governance best practices to not only help companies comply with regulations but also aid in effective and efficient operation. By working closely with your company leadership we can offer tailored advice that best suits the corporate structure.

Business contracts, transactions, and litigation. Whether it is the drafting of contracts related to customers and services or vendors and distribution, we can oversee the drafting of sound and effective agreements. Likewise, we can facilitate business transactions such as buying and selling, mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships.

Although much of our work in advising business clients has to do with anticipating and avoiding litigation risk through risk analysis and careful contract drafting, it is impossible to completely eliminate the possibility that disputes might still occur. When the possibility of litigation arises, whether in contract, tort, internal disputes, or partnership dissolution- our experience with litigating business disputes can give your company an advantage.

Intellectual property, trademarks, and copyright law. Our attorneys can provide experienced counsel on the most effective methods of establishing and developing intellectual property rights and holdings to not only protect them but also to realize the optimal value of those assets. Likewise, our attorneys can assist in helping you to file for trademark registration or renewal as well as copyright applications. Should a dispute arise, our experienced attorneys can represent you in preventing or prosecuting a trademark or copyright infringement.

Employment law. Our attorneys can help navigate the ever-changing and increasingly complex array of laws and regulations that govern and impact employers' company policies, employment decisions, as well as daily operations. We can assist in establishing, organizing, and maintaining the policies, contracts, and structures that govern the relationship between employer and employees whether it is the drafting of personnel policies, employment agreements, work for hire agreements or resolution, and negotiation of disputes.

Commercial real estate. If you are considering buying, selling, leasing, or investing in commercial real estate property you should consult our firm to ensure that your transaction is structured in the most lucrative and secure manner. Our attorneys can facilitate and aid in all facets of the acquisition of commercial real estate properties through legal analysis and documentation of the transaction while protecting your interests in both routine and complex transactions and disputes.

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