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Commercial Real Estate Attorney in Portland, Oregon

A Real Estate Lawyer Can Help with Complex Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Purchasing, selling, or investing in commercial real estate requires expert legal guidance and documentation to protect a client’s rights. Attorney Ted Troutman has over three decades of experience reviewing documentation and defending his clients’ rights in commercial real estate transactions and other business law matters. If you are looking for a commercial real estate lawyer in Portland, OR, to answer your questions, Mr. Troutman is available to handle your case.

Whether the commercial real estate transaction you have in mind is large or small, you can greatly benefit by allowing a commercial real estate lawyer to review the terms.

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How to Maximize Profit in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

If the transaction is structured properly, real estate can be a great investment and provide long-term security. When making a commercial real estate purchase, take special care to do the following:

  • Identify your goals for income stream and long-term profit sustainability. Once you have a clear picture of how commercial real estate can benefit you, you will be able to structure the financing and purchase around those goals.

  • When buying a property to lease, a determination of what type of tenants the property will attract is required. In addition to honing in on potential renters, you should also be prepared to act as landlord or hire a company to oversee the duties associated with leasing property. A good property management company can offer you these services, but you will need to draft a thorough agreement outlining duties and responsibilities.

  • Decide how the title to the property will be held, and form any necessary LLC or other company. Titling commercial property in a business name helps shield the investor from liability while still providing the owner the benefits of property ownership.

How You Can Benefit From a Legal Review of a Commercial Real Estate Transaction

Whether the commercial real estate transaction you have in mind is large or small, you can greatly benefit by allowing a commercial real estate lawyer to review the terms. The most common benefits of this type of review include:

  • All properties, whether residential or commercial, are identified by a legal description. When drafting sales documents associated with a commercial property, it is crucial to get the legal description just right. A slight deviation in the description can cause the entire transaction to fall apart.

  • Most commercial properties are purchased with a specific use in mind. However, the intended use may not fall within legal bounds. The only way to determine if a proposal will pass legal muster is to have a commercial real estate lawyer review the transaction.

  • In order to sell property, the seller must have the legal right to do so. Having a qualified commercial real estate lawyer carefully review the documents in a commercial property sale will provide assurances that the seller has the right to enter into the transaction.

  • Commercial real estate sales of any type generally do not take place without negotiation. Commercial real estate lawyers are familiar with the market and can negotiate the best price on your behalf.

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