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We are Oregon bankruptcy attorneys. Whether you’re looking for a corporate bankruptcy lawyer or help with navigating personal bankruptcy laws, the professionals at Muir & Troutman are here to help. We have gathered some bankruptcy attorney testimonials submitted by our clients, describing the quality of service they received from Muir & Troutman.

Medical Bankruptcy

After open-heart surgery for a chronic medical condition, John V.’s* health improved but his finances did not. That’s when John and his wife sought the help of Troutman Law Firm PC. We filed bankruptcy for the couple, releasing them from overwhelming medical and household bills. Today, John is able to focus on his most precious asset: his health.

Credit Card Bankruptcy

Roberta M.* had a love affair…with shoes. Expensive ones. Unfortunately, her income did not cover the expenses of this relationship. After maxing out her credit cards on shopping trips, Roberta was forced to admit she had gotten herself into financial trouble. Troutman Law Firm PC filed Chapter 7 for Roberta, absolving her of the debt. And, after receiving credit counseling, Roberta knows how to live on a budget within her

Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Lina and Frank S.* faced a difficult situation: after growing reliant on paycheck loan establishments, they found themselves buried under a mountain of debt. Fearing the loss of their home and everything they owned, they sought help from Muir & Troutman. We created a plan that discharged many of their debts, and—much to the couple’s relief allowed them to keep their home and cars.

Divorce Bankruptcy Attorney

Vincent and Barbara S.*, both in their 70s, wanted desperately to help their adult son through his messy divorce. Like most parents, they were willing to do whatever they could to help their child—even if it meant bringing themselves to the brink of financial ruin. With our help, Vincent and Barbara claimed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and today their finances are back on track.

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